The 2023/2024 indoor archery season is fast approaching.  We are excited about this coming indoor season and welcome you to renew your membership.


2023/2024 Membership runs from December 1, 2023 to November 30, 2024. To become a member a membership form must be filled out and signed; stating they have read and agree with the terms, conditions, and basic beliefs included in this 2022/2023 South Central Wisconsin Archers Membership Packet.

You can bring completed membership and waiver forms to league nights or you can see Justin Kranig at Monroe Sign Design, 1315 4th Ave W, Monroe, WI, from 7:30 – 5:00, Monday thru Friday to update your 2023/2024 Membership.

You can also mail your completed membership, waiver forms and fees to the address on the form. Your new membership card, key and combination to the downstairs door will be mailed back to you as soon as possible.

If any member know of a potential new member that would like to learn more about the club and see the facilities, a board member must be present. You can contact the board of directors at and a board member would be happy to assist.

Click here to download a Membership form.

Click here to download a Full Membership Packet.

Single Membership $60
Family Membership $75

Includes the following; single or family membership, unlimited open shooting at indoor range, 2 banquet tickets for meal (raffle tickets not included) also included in the gold package for single memberships and one designated person of family memberships – all indoor and outdoor adult league fees, all indoor and outdoor club take of tournament fees.

One time fee to replace annual membership renewal.

Available to Life Members but Life Member Gold Membership would need to be renewed each year. Includes the following; single or family membership, unlimited open shooting at indoor range, 2 banquet tickets for meal (raffle tickets not included) also included in the gold package for single memberships and one designated person of family memberships – all indoor and outdoor adult league fees, all indoor and outdoor club take of tournament fees.

The intent of the Sponsor membership is to attract young members whose parents or guardian does not desire to be members of the South Central Wisconsin Archers. These young members could be relation (i.e. niece or nephew), neighbors, co-workers, sons or daughters friend, etc. There is no financial membership fee.

Any current member (the sponsor) can provide and avenue for these young people to join the club by accepting the responsibility for their actions on the premises, as well as assuring they follow and abide to the club’s policies and regulations. Sponsors will not include the Youth Member as part of their membership. The Youth Member will have their own hours to perform at the club to keep their membership active. A Youth Sponsor Member does not have key privileges under the age of 16.

The Youth Member must pay for a regular membership when they reach the age of 18 or if 18 and still in high school then the regular membership would be needed the year after graduation from high school. If the Youth Member does not perform the required work hours during a calendar year, then they must pay for the regular membership to retain membership with the club. If the Youth Member does not abide by the club policies and regulations, they will not be permitted to remain in the club, but the removal of their membership does not impact the Sponsors membership.

Our Purpose is to help people to develop moral personalities and aid in building a society through the improvement of the physical, mental, social, moral, and educational conditions of people who participate in the club’s programs by:

1. Fostering, expanding and perpetuating the practice of field archery.

2. Promoting the spirit of good fellowship among archers.

3. Encouraging the use of the bow in hunting of all legal game birds and animals.

4. Cooperating with State and National organizations in securing better hunting privileges and conditions for bow hunters

5. Cooperating with all conservation organizations in conservation of game.

6. Maintaining indoor and outdoor ranges and conducting archery tournaments and games.

What’s Expected of Members?
• Prompt payment of all dues and shooting fees

• Fulfill the work requirements or pay the increase on the next year’s membership

• Obey all posted club rules
• Act in a safe manner when engaged in any archery activity. (Use Common Sense)

• Ask any questions that you have and bring any conflicts or complaints to a board member.

• Attend the monthly meetings (3rd Tuesday of each month at 7:00 SCWA indoor range), and our tournaments (Workers and Shooters are always needed)

• As Club Members to help out when they can by: tournament registration, scoring, mowing lawn, clearing trails, kitchen duty, housekeeping, repairs to ranges, working with youth, book keeping, league secretaries and by promoting membership

• Attend the yearly awards banquet
2021 Banquet form coming soon.

Indoor Shoots and Leagues:
The Indoor Range is located in the basement at 1724 10th. St. Monroe, Wisconsin.

2022 Indoor Shoot Schedule:
January 1 Indoor 300 “Alka Seltzer Open”
Indoor Brush Shoots – TBD

2022 Indoor Leagues:
Monday – Vegas 450
7:00pm-10:00pm December, January and February (Starting December 4, 2023)

Tuesday – Bow Hunter
7:00pm-10:00pm January, February and March(TBD)

Wednesday – TBD

Thursday – TBD

Friday – 300 League
7:00pm-10:00pm December, January and February (Starting December 8, 2023)

Saturday – Youth League

Sunday – Youth League

Adult League Fees:
13 week leagues (300, Vegas 450) are $60
9 week leagues (NFAA, Broadhead, Bow Hunter) are $40
Youth League $30

Indoor Facility:
Our Indoor facility has a club room with a kitchen area, bow setup room and both men and woman restrooms. Our Indoor range has 15 Twenty Yard Lanes as well as 4 additional Ten Yard Lanes. We also have 4 rolling backstops for other yardages. Leagues have control of the range during set league times. If some of the lanes are not being used Open Shooting in those lanes can occur if it doesn’t interfere with League Shooting. Open shooting can occur at times when it does not interfere with leagues, tournaments, meetings and other club functions. A log book is keep at the indoor range just inside the door. Please sign in and out of the log book when entering or leaving the range as well as marking down reason there; for example meeting or open shooting or league. Open shooting will also use the log book to document fees paid. Shooting fees are listed next to the Log Book next to the entrance. Please pay shooting fees after you shoot. A member in good standing can use open shooting at any time it doesn’t interfere with club activities. Open Shooting Fees: Members: $2 for first hour, $1/hr additional Non-Members: $3 for the first hour, $2/hr additional hours. All club members that are eligible can have a key for the entrance on 10th Street as well as the combination for the door to enter the clubroom. The 4H uses the Indoor facility for their archery program this provides the club with some needed income during a time that the indoor range would see very little use by the club during April, May and June. This also promotes the sport of archery. The dates and times that the indoor range is scheduled for 4H archery will be posted in the indoor range during that time of year.

2023 Outdoor Shoots & Leagues:
The South Central Wisconsin Archer’s Outdoor Range is at the Argyle Rod & Gun Club, W9408 WI State Hwy 81. The Argyle Rod & Gun Club is located 3 miles East of Argyle and 10 miles west of Monroe on State HWY 81.

Broadhead League:
Broadhead League will be held in conjunction with Marshall Bluff Bowhunters. Marshall Bluff Bowhunters club property is located at 7326 Marshall Bluff Rd., just northeast of Monticello. League is held Thursday nights starting in July and runs into September until bow hunting season starts. Targets and distance markers are always up so you can shoot the league at any time. You will need to turn in the weeks scores before the following Wednesday. Score cards and league scores are located in the club house. Note who your partner is on your score card so team scores are posted correctly. If you need a partner for the league, note that on your score card.

Outdoor Shoot Schedule:

SCWA 3D Tournament hours Saturday 8:00am-2:00pm Sunday 8:00am-1:00pm help is needed Sunday afternoon after 1:00pm for tear down. Set up is typically the Thursday before starting at noon weather permitting.
The Outdoor Range includes:
14 Target NFAA Course
3D Target Courses set up only during 3D tournaments Practice Targets at 10yds, 20yds, 30yds, 40yds, & 50yds for field points Plus 3 Sand pits for Broadhead Shooting

2023 Board of Directors:
Ritch Miller………………….President
Josh Binger…………………Secretary
Matt Wilcox………………….Treasurer
Justin Kranig……………….Membership
Dan Gelbach
Joe Eads
Kent Powell
Jim Dalee
Derrick Fiez